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Over the years, we have had the opportunity to serve some awesome clients, and they  have had great things to say about AppsPlus and their services!


"We had a Human Resource System that was giving us nothing but grief! AppsPlus was able to come in and on day one had accomplished more to clean up bugs and add features than others had tried for weeks to perform. They has it importing and exporting data cleanly, and created a deployment system that allows new versions to be deployed easily and quickly. Now the system is running smoother than ever, and we are looking a integrating it with others."

Connie Eaton, Sr. Business Analyst, GM Nameplate


“We were having a problem with one of our applications, and the users were just not happy. AppsPlus came in and cleaned up the interface, making it more intuitive and increased performance. They also created templates that our developers use for new forms, giving a application a slick common interface.”

Sterling Strategic Solutions, Inc.

“AppsPlus came in for a few days, working with our developers. Besides learning quite a bit, they had a great code base to launch from. AppsPlus learned our business side extremely fast, and got right to the root of issues. They then either created solutions right there, or pointed our developers in the direction they need to go.”
Johnson Controls
"When Scott says he can do it, he does it! He took a large project, made integrated multiple technologies, and came through. Even when we needed reports for the lawyers in formats that theorectically couldn't be done and technologies that weren't supposed to work in Access, he made them work perfectly."
Paul Schute, Morrison and Foerster
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