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Creating the right solution for you.

Over the years AppsPlus has created a large number of applications, in many industries, that fit our clients. Industries include Banking, Financial Investing, Help Desk, Human Resources, Insurance, Law, Medical, Pharmacology, and Software Development.  The projects below were created using the extremely power dtSearch Full Text Search Engine technology.  AppsPlus is one of the top developers in the world known for developing with this technology.


Here are just a view of some of the  projects that we have worked on over the years.


directEDGAR SEC Edgar Database Research Platform

AcademicEDGAR+ is the creator of the SEC Edgar database research application directEDGAR. AppsPlus offers software development and consultancy with a specialty in data-intensive programming. dtSearch is a leading provider of enterprise and developer text retrieval software and document filters. Together, these companies announce the integration of the dtSearch Engine into the latest version of the directEDGAR Search, Extraction & Normalization Engine.


IBM/Ericsson Customer Support Oracle DB

The need was to add full-text searching to the telecom’s Oracle database – consisting of over 5 years of customer support data compiled from various systems covering multiple products. The consulting company wanted to provide telecom users a streamlined search interface, including formatting the data so as to present potentially thousands and thousands of records resulting from a search in readable format. 


Using Web Spider to index IRS sites

AppsPlus created a web site that could be used to search the IRS web site and other relevant sites. Fairly quickly we had the website up and running using ASP.NET and C#. And the Spider API added no more overhead than usual. In fact, using the dtSearch Engine Spider APIs, We found we could perform a phenomenal amount of work with minimal programming.


Medical Transcript Checking System

Using dtSearch in a unique way, documents are read into a stream and broken down by user-specified value for grouping of words. These groups are then compared against dtSearch indexes for uniqueness. If not found, then the grouping is added to a displayed list that allows the user to step through for correction within the current transcript.

In addition to providing an interface for documents belonging to specific doctors, transcripts, once checked, can either be moved to a clean folder, or elevated for further examination by another technician. As documents are moved, the Transcript Checker maintains the dtSearch indexes under the covers. Also included are maintenance forms for maintaining necessary application paths such as for indexes and documents tracked using XML. A form is also provided for maintaining indexes and indexing on demand.

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