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Making your Microsoft Access and SQL Server data work for you

Since 1986, AppsPlus has helped hundreds of companies  get the most out of their data! 


Whether you need a new data Microsoft Access application, updating it to work with Office 365 and SQL Server, help converting data, moving to the cloud, need full-text solutions, or just maintaining a current system, AppsPlus has the expertise to help.


Cloud Computing

Looking to take the next step in data management? Ready to take your current application and move that SQL Server database over to the Cloud, AppsPlus can help you make the move as painless as possible.

Full-Text Search Expertise

No matter where the information resides: SQL Server, Oracle or Access databases, Adobe PDFs,  Excel Spreadsheets, Text files or even Outlook data, the dtSearch Full Text Search Engine allows you to search them all. AppsPlus has been developing applications to get the most power out the engine for over 15 years. 


Access Development and Support

Let us help you to keep your Access applications up to date with the latest features and increase performance by upsizing your existing application to work with SQL Server greatly enhancing it's performance and stability

Scott was on the original Microsoft Access team and has gone on to write a number of Access and .NET books and trained around the world. 

1. Software Development

2. Consultant

3. Microsoft Access Support 

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

It's all about reliability, whether it's your startup company that needs first-time application development, or a global corporation that wants on-demand web databases that can perform to your demands.


Using the latest technologies to create just the right application based on what your needs are. After going over your needs and discussing your options, AppsPlus will see your project through to the end.

Access Development and Support


Ful-Text Search  Engine Expertise


Cloud Computing

Making your data work for you.

Access Development and Support With Scott being on the original Microsoft Access team it has remained one of the favorite environment when  partnered up with SQL Server. We can either take your existing applications and convert them to SQL Server, upgrade them from earlier version of Access, and create all new applications. 

Full-Text Search Engine Expertise The dtSearch Retrieval Engine is one of the foremost full text search engines for both performance and flexibility, costing a fraction of the cost of others such as SQL Server's Full Text Engine.  One of the first third party contractors to work with dtSearch, for the last 15 years AppsPlus has created solutions using the various dtSearch products for clients ranging from small non profits, to law firms, and even the Department of Defense.

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